Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System:

  1. Change the air filter monthly to make sure it stays clean.
  2. Have a technician clear the air conditioning drain yearly to avoid backup.
  3. Use air conditioner cleaner to clean the coils on your unit; make sure the power is off when you do this.
  4. Clear the area around the air conditioning unit of brush to make sure the unit can pull enough air in.
  5. Make sure the access panels are secure.


Energy Saving Tips:

  1. Keep your system well maintained and tune the equipment up yearly- the better shape your system is in, the more efficiently it will run.
  2. Get a programmable thermostat- with this, you can save energy when you are away from home by setting the thermostat to increase or decrease temperatures as you please.
  3. Seal your heating and cooling ducts- the less air that escapes your home, the better!
  4. Make sure doors and windows are shut and properly sealed as well.
  5. Update old equipment with newer, more energy efficient models to lower energy costs.


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